Fly Fishing on The San Juan River in New Mexico


Fishing on The San Juan River

My brother and I left in the early morning to meet our guide, Brian and fly fish in the drift boat on the San Juan  River.


My brother and I ready to fish.

  Our  guide said it was Disneyland for Fly Fishermen.  It turned out to be true.  We headed to the Texas Hole to catch some fish.  “Be Ready” our guide Brian told me.  Look at the beautiful rainbow trout I caught.  It’s all Catch and Release in this area.  The Rainbow was so beautiful.  I told it to swim away and have a good life.

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 catching my first fish.


My first beautiful rainbow trout. I’m a happy                        fisherwoman.



A happy fisherman.


“Biscuit” Watercolor of biscuit along the San Juan River.


“Biscuit” oil painting  It reminded me of the tuffets I sketched this summer.

We were camped along the river at Archuleta RV Park.IMG_4150

A beautiful spot even a flock of wild turkeys liked it here.


Camping with friends we walk along the river.

Early morning and we go fishing again.


A beautiful fish

My brother and I fished for two days and caught lots of beautiful rainbow and brown trout.


Thanks to Brian and all his teaching and help.


Morning Sunrise


Getting ready to leave.


San Juan River, oil painting in progress. That means I still want to work on it but I like the sky.

It was time to head home.  New Mexico has wonderful scenery.  I enjoyed the ride to Arizona.IMG_4153 Petrified wood was at our campground in Holbrook, Arizona.  Dinner at La Posada.  We enjoyed looking at the art of owner Tina Minon.  She happened to stop to talk to us as we sat in the lobby.   Trains and a maze were also interesting at the hotel.


Cinnamon checks out the petrified     wood.

IMG_4164We drove through Arizona on Highway 87 to 260 to 17 and finally Route 10.

I made up a country western song as I rode along.

I’m a happy, happy girl,

Ain’t no whiskey dreaming blues for me,

leaving Winslow, Arizona,

Yah, la, la la, la

It passes the time on the road as I sing above the county western songs on my radio.


Camping west of Phoenix.

IMG_4178I’m still dreaming of my fishing trip and busy painting.

Each day I do a painting from Arizona or New Mexico.


“Rainbow Trout” watercolor

©artwork carolkreider




Ruidoso, New Mexico

Im so happy to be back on the road in Vanna along route 8 to Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Clouds were following me but only 15 minutes of rain.IMG_3811 We had a wonderful campground in Gila Bend, Arizona.  We loved this campground.  It was quite a light show with a sunset in the west and and lighting and clouds in the east.IMG_3815 Campground with Vanna and Pegusus. We loved Augie’s Quail Trail RV Park.


Augies’s Quail Trail RV Park


sketch of Pegasus at Campground

We drove on the Ruidoso.  Arriving at out campground for the Sun lakes RV Rally.


Lunch at Tina’s Cafe in Ruidoso, New Mexico.


Cinnamon watching games!


We like the friendliness of Twin Spruce RV Park

Games, food, and exploring the Ruidoso, New Mexico area.


A special lunch at the haunted hotel in Cloudcroft.


We took a trip to Cloudcraft and stopped at Our Lady of Guadalupe on the way back so I could sketch.

We visit the Hubbard Museum of the American West.


A very well presented museum.


Horse sculptures outside


My brother and I take a walk in the woods.


Chili’s everywhere in everything.


Next the Navaho Dam and fishing on the San Juan River.