A Day in the Print Studio

Heading down Coast Highway on Wednesday morning to my friend’s Art Studio in Laguna Beach.

We own a printing press in Shary’s studio.  I am filled with ideas to work on today and also looking forward to visiting with my friends.  Remember, I tell myself printing is a process and enjoy the journey.    I am always experimenting and as a result not all prints come out great.  That’s part of the process. The process started at home where I watercolor on a piece of Dura-Lar clear film.

At the studio I soak my printing paper in water then blot it with a towel.  I lay the paper on top of the watercolor printing plate and run it through the printing press.


Printing press

Mask from AfricaP1000747

My gift from the Sherman Gardens Volunteer White Elephant Breakfast is what I call VooDoo Man.  He is a mask from Africa.  I was going to put him on my porch but because of all the rain he was still in Vanna.  I think my friend Shary will be surprised when she sees VooDoo Man in her Studio.  I text her a picture and she loves him.  We decide to leave him at the studio for awhile to keep away bad spirits.


Rae and I eating lunch outside the Print Studio


Watercolor Print with collage


Watercolor Print II with collage

On the way home I stop at Crystal Cove State Beach to walk.  I have a Golden Bear Senior Pass that allows me to go to any CA State Park.  It’s $20. for the year except June, July and August.  It’s a beautiful day for a walk on the beach.  I pass a Sea Lion that is dead.  It’s sad.


Happy at Home

Starting the New Year and staying at home I enjoy painting, reading and cooking also watching T.V.   I am painting the view from my window


Lots of Rain. Watercolor View from Window.


View from my window.


Window View Watercolor

Another watercolor from my window.  I omitted the telephone wires and changed the buildings.  I was most interested in painting the sky.

I ride my folding bike to the beach to check out the surf.  Little Corona is quiet.


Little Corona del Mar

Back home I’m trying different ideas for paintings in my sketchbook.  I realize how many techniques I’ve forgotten.

I’m using collage from dictionary pages torn to look like buildings.  This will be a good idea for my NYC art.


Sketchbook Collage

Trying abstract in my sketchbook.  This was fun splashing black ink and then watercolor.


Sketchbook ink and watercolor

Biking to the Big Corona Beach.  I walk down to sketch with my watercolors.


Watching Lots of Football.  Go Patriots!