Degas Monotypes at MOMA

“Make a drawing, Begin it again, Trace it, begin it again, And Retrace it” Edgar Degas

P1010459Degas  A Strange New Beauty is the title of this wonderful exhibit.  Degas monotypes are all about his love of experimentation.  I loved this exhibit.  I found it inspirational.  I wanted to start making monotypes immediately.P1010468

He became obsessed with monotypes and would print and print adding ink and subtracting ink.  On the monotypes Degas would add pastels, watercolor, charcoal or more ink. ”  A partner in his printmaking adventures Pierre-George Jeanniot described Degas’s anticipation as the monotype plate and paper were about to be cranked through the press:  When everything was ready Degas said, “what a terrifying moment! Go Ahead!  Start Turning!”P1010463

In this monotype”Three Studies of Ludovic Halevy Standing”  Degas drew in charcoal on the left.  The charcoal drawing was then run through the printing press with damp paper on top printing the 2nd drawing.



“Pathway in a Field”  pastel over monotype in oil on paper


Degas worked on a series of landscapes.  Degas described his landscape monotypes as imaginary and he was not interested in details.


Landscape with Rocks

Pastel over monotype in oil on paper



Twilight in the Pyrences

Pastel over Monotype in oil on paper


The Road in the Forest


Green Landscape


Forest in the Mountains

Landscape (Paysage), Pastel over Monotype in oil on paper.