Bryce Canyon

Heading for Bryce Canyon.  My first stop was Yuba State Park in Utah.


Bryce Canyon

 I had a wonderful campsite overlooking the Yuba Dam lake.  The workers that built the Dam in 1906 named it. They would say U.B. dammed if you work and U.B. dammed if you don’t work, from this the town was named Yuba.  I enjoyed the campsite so much I stayed another night.


Yuba Lake

Tuesday morning  I headed for Bryce Canyon.  I got a great campsite at North Campground in Bryce Canyon and headed to Inspiration Point to look at the HooDoo’s.  I forgot how BEAUTIFUL Bryce Canyon is. I was in awe of the red rock formations.  The next day I started my hike to the Queen’s Garden.  It’s down into the Canyon to see a HooDoo that looks like Queen Victoria.  I made a booklet of sketches of views along the way.


Hoodoo (hoo” doo) n. 1. A pinnacle or odd shaped force of erosion. 2. To cast a spell. v. 3.Voodoo


“Silence alone is worthy to be heard.”  Henry David Thoreau, Journal- Jan.21, 1853

I drove to Rainbow Point the next day and hiked the BristleCone Pine Loop trail.

I wanted to see the Utah BristleCone Pine.  Utah Bristlecone Pines are 1500 years old while the California BristleCone Pines are 5000 years old.  I figured that trees  in Utah are like teenagers compared to the middle-aged trees in California.  It was quite windy at the point and the trees looked almost dead.  I enjoyed the views along the way and made another  booklet of sketches.

“I need solitude.  I have come forth to this hill to see the forms of the mountains on the horizon- to behold and commune with something grander than man.”  Henry ThoreauAugust 14, 1854  I liked this sign posted along the trail.


As I hiked the Queen’s Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon.  I started to work on this poem.

Hoodoo Voodoo

Hoodoo Voodoo

329 feet downward
pinnacles of weathered red rock
Erosion carved heads, torsos, limbs
Red rock crinkled into forms
Stop! Breathe! Voodoo!
A language I try to see!

129 feet closer to the edge
Freezing ice chipping 
Frost wedging Hoodoos
German, Chinese, Italian
Listen! Snap! Voodoo!
A language I try to hear!

Switchbacks lead to hoodoo
A Sandstone Queen Victoria
A crown, a face, majestic cape
Voices whirl in piñon pines
Stop! Snap! Breathe!
A language I try to touch!

Upward on the labyrinth
110 feet to the shade of Juniper tree
Hoodoo shadows shift
Clusters of red rock facing East
Pause! Sip! Breathe!
A Language I try to understand!



9 responses to “Bryce Canyon

  1. Love your poem. I am in a poetry workshop. Love your sketches. I saw the hoodoos also! Remember you said you visit in November. Hope to see you . Betty


  2. Will you be in the Boston area? Would love to see you!
    I just love the latest sketches. You are GOOD!!

    What paper do you use?


  3. Wow, this may be my favorite blog. Very spiritual and your poem is wonderful!!! I have never told you how much I liked your art work/postcard from Park City.


  4. The poem is deep and clear. Well done. I enjoyed all the sketches and the
    series that went with the various locations. Must have been an amazing
    awesome trip.


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