Lobster rolls and More

Disclaimer:  This is hard to look at and read if you crave lobster rolls.  It will make you want to bite into one sooner rather than later.


My friend and I went camping at Hammonasset State park.  We walked to Lenny and Joes’s  Seafood many times and ate the best hot buttered Lobster Rolls.

We met a man in Madison while we were shopping for car coasters and books.  He told us we must go to The Clam Castle and have a grilled cheese Lobster sandwich.  It was totally wonderful to eat BUT I’ll still need my lobster rolls.

We continued to eat another Hot Lobster roll while camping at the beach.  Can you get too much of a good thing?  Not according to Liberace the musician who said “Too much of a good thing is Wonderful.”  I agree!

We switched out one meal to whole belly fried clams from The Clam Castle.  They were good and I had leftovers.

On my way to Deer Isle, Maine for my workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  I camped overnight in Freeport, Maine.  Before I visited L.L.Bean I stopped for a lobster roll.  On the menu was a combination mini lobster and crab roll.  I made a wise decision when I ordered that!  Yummy, and it gave me the energy to shop at L.L.Bean.

The next morning I made my way to Belfast, Maine.  I was hunting for SueCakes a store run by a former elementary school student of mine.  She is quite the pastry artist.  I enjoyed seeing her, drinking a delicious smoothie and looking at her gluten free cake creations.

I went on my way, winding around back roads forever, when I spotted a roadside stand filled with cars.  I stopped at the best cold lobster roll place of my whole trip.  It was on the lake.  I found a parking spot and had a Spectacular Lobster roll.IMG_6386

At Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Saturday night we could order a Lobster to be served as a picnic on the rocks.  The people that lived in Maine didn’t order but all the rest of the people ordered a $20. lobster. I don’t know if it was the price, or eating lobster on the rocks?   I didn’t get a picture as it was enough of a challenge to eat the lobster without managing a camera.  It was a soft shell, good but not as full.   Leaving Deer Isle, Maine I went to Bar Harbor, Maine and had a blueberry soft serve and did a sketch along the ocean walk.

A little store by the campground at Acadia National Park had a take out Lobster Dinner.  Add a box of wine to go with all this Lobster.


On the way to Acadia National Park I stopped here.


I visited Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens a beautiful place.  It was lunch time.  I saw a Lobster roll on the menu but the man behind the counter said they were out of Lobster.

I left and saw a $9.99 Lobster roll back on the road.  How could they be out of Lobster the man said?

I picked up my friend and we went to Ogunquit, Maine.  We enjoyed the Marginal Way.

Lobster enjoyed with my friend at the Lobster Pound in Ogunquit, Maine.


I can’t believe what I am seeing in this post.  It is from June until August but it’s a lot of Lobster!

My next post will be my cross country trip.


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle Maine- -part 2

Food, Food, and more Food!

No worry about being hungry.  We were trained to be at dining hall when the bell rang and somehow all 90 plus people were hungry and could even eat desert.  It must have been the ocean air? Or the lack of cell phones and internet?IMG_6430

The cakes are a work of art!  My favorite was the Blueberry Cheesecake.  I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy eating it!


These are some of the menus that were posted for every meal.


Fresh baked cookies were out at every lunch time.  You just had to try one or two to get you through to the next meal.

Cartoon Characters

The Young Woman from Iceland does a weekly cartoon for her newspaper.

She arrived in Maine and never did get her luggage but she got so many mosquito bites!

My Cartoon Character

I was inspired me to develop my own cartoon. It’s so much fun.

Myself as Carvannna.

These are some of my cartoons!

And More fast paintings! At the end of the deck overlooking the ocean.





Another Seaweed Painting! Between Painting I wrote down some thoughts:

The Perfect Moment

Sparkling sun, waves  lapping against the rocks,

Seaweed swaying with the water.

Paint, paper, brush, pens by my side, Paint flows,

The sky has pink,

Shadows of purple, islands distant grayish purple and dark green.

Cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine, and turquoise blend into the sky and sea,

greens and burnt sienna along the shore and island.

The moment you realize,

This is it!


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine

WOW!  The whole experience was overwhelming in a good way.  90 creative people gathered together in a beautiful landscape.  The classes were drawing, metals, glass, wood and fabric. I was in the drawing class with a fantastic teacher and artist Claire Sherman.   My roommate was in the glass class.  I loved it all!    This blog will show mostly my art work.  It will take another post or 2 to talk about the food and other things I did.

I am standing by my work for the showing of  students’ work on Thursday night before we left Friday am.  Claire Sherman the teacher was wonderful.  She does large oil paintings and exhibits at the D.C. Moore Gallery in NYC.   She teaches at Drew University. We started our class with Claire showing slides by artists throughout history working in landscape.  Then we went outside to the rocks.  Painting and drawing everyday using watercolor, pens, crayons, and pencils I quickly worked on my small studies.  “Do 6 sketches before lunch”, Claire would say.  Use good paper and good paint.  What are you saving paper for?

I got quite involved with the idea of seaweed creeping around the rocks and into the sea. Seaweed became a fascinating subject for me.P1050180

The small sketches evolved into larger mixed media watercolor paintings.  Claire encouraged us to take leaps pushing our ideas along.  “There should be a difference between a photograph and a painting” she said.  We looked at slides of work by Turner, Charles Birchfield , Hooper and Diog among a few.  We also had reading homework every evening.


Night Painting Cabin 18 and 19

We read about VanGogh before we did a night painting.  I started this night painting outside my cabin but the mosquitos attacked me so I went inside with the lights out to paint some more.  I finished it the next day in the studio.

Lots and lots of painting of Deer Isle. Lots of climbing steps.  Steps to my cabin, steps to the bathroom, steps to the studio, steps to the dining hall and steps to the parking lot.  The 2 weeks spent here was a step into paradise.  The paradise did include ants, mosquitos and laundry that would never quite dry.P1040993

Foggy days, sunny days and 1 rainy day.

I feel like I learned new things and had a great time.  On my way home I visited an exhibit of watercolors by John Marin.  He painted on Deer Isle, Maine.  These are 2 of his paintings of Deer Isle.