Enjoying Biloxi, Mississippi

My friend an I arrived in Biloxi last night. We landed at the airport in New Orleans and drove to Biloxi to our VRBO.

We checked in and headed to The Reef for dinner. Our waitress asked where we were from, when I answered Southern California, she replied,”I could never live there The food is way too healthy.” We laughed as I ate my fried oysters and French fries. I did have coleslaw for a vegetable. I was in no danger of eating too healthy.

The next morning I awoke to rain and thunder. I grabbed my umbrella and we headed to the Waffle House. My friend had a pecan waffle while I ordered my favorite biscuits and gravy with a side of scrambled eggs. No danger of being too healthy here. The biscuits and gravy were awesome. The next stop was the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art.

The buildings were designed by Frank Gehry.

The potter George Ohr was rather zany. The museum was built after he died to exhibit his pottery. He was known as the mad potter of Biloxi. He asked his children to wait 50 years after he died to get rid of his pottery.

An Art Collector discovered his pottery and the museum was built.

On our way to the gift shop a museum person asked if we would like to see a new exhibit they were now putting up and meet the artist. What a treat to meet Wayne Ferguson and see his quirky pottery. He was from Louisville, Kentucky.the top piece is “Native American Arc with Ocarinas” and the next piece is “No Happy Trees”. This is Bob Ross of TV fame and painter of Happy Trees.

Our next stop was Jefferson Davis House and library named Beauvoir meaning beautiful view.

We had a tour of the Jefferson Davis House. All this touring makes one thirsty and hungry.

Next stop was Shaggys for a margarita and lunch. No danger of eating healthy. The red shrimp, potato and sausage are delicious. It’s called Royal Red Shrimp.This is a southern salad! Does it look healthy? My friend is doing research on the best Key Lime Pie. This one is now at the top of the list. I am helping!

All this fried food is making me young!

We walked around downtown Biloxi at the end of the day. It was a great day in Mississippi! I like the friendliness

Of all the people we meet and the laid back pace.

To Alabama tomorrow!