Lake Pleasant, Arizona

Pleasant is the story here. Nice warm weather. A beautiful lake to gaze at and swim in. A very nice campsite with free showers. It’s also quiet here. What a pleasant place to relax. That’s what I did for the day.I was really excited about the night sky. It was warm with a slight breeze and a full moon. Oh! Pleasant Lake, I wonder who named it?

The saguaros all have these tuffs on their tops. I couldn’t figure it out until I saw a few of the white and yellow blooms. The saguaro Cactus is plentiful around here and so fun to paint.I went swimming in the lake. So nice. I sat on the shore reading and painting, watching the kayaks go by.

The air is so dry here I’m drinking water like crazy. I forgot to bring my towel to the shower and only realized it as I was finishing. No problem, I was practically dry by the time I got back to my campsite

I’m on my way today to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s nice to be on the road again!


After the Garden Tour

I’ve been busy working on Artists in the Garden for the Sherman Library and gardens private gardens tour. It seems like it was a big project that kept me from writing a blog. The artists were wonderful. All went amazingly well.

So I’m BACK! The poster for Artist Reception with “Roses and Hummingbird” by me and sold at Garden Tour.

My 2 friends at Artist’s Reception for Garden TourMy 2 friends at Garden Tour Artist Reception. Another friend made these Fabulous Cookies. I think they are a work of art!This is a small painting “Roses in Pot”. Happily sold .Another painting l did of “Succulent in a Pot” .

This is “Cactus I”. A monotype print inspired by the cactus and succulent garden at Sherman Library and Gardens. ‘Cactus View” below was finished the day of the Garden Tour.

The Cactus Garden.

My girlfriend’s beautiful painting “Chocolate Soldier” sold.My girlfriend Sheryl’s beautiful painting “Chocolate Soldier” sold.

Two more of Sheryl’s paintings.

John at Sherman Gardens. All enjoyed watching the artist’s paint.

Yuma with his painting at the vineyard house. Hal at the garden. Everyone loves watchi Hal paint.

Flossie painting pen and ink with watercolor at garden.

Flossie’s pen and ink.Pauline painting at garden on s the peninsula.Jai painting on the private garden tour.

I can now move on to my next projects. A monotype workshop with Sheryl. A mural painting of a lemon tree and a watercolor workshop painting roses. Then I will be headed to the Grand Canyon in my camper Vanna. I can’t wait.