The Grand Canyon South Rim

I arrived at the South Entrance and headed to the campground. My class Nature Journal and sketching starts tomorrow.

The class was great. The teacher, a botanical artist had a bag of art supplies for us and a bag of tricks to go. I loved the blue pencil she had us sketching with.

We used colored pencils and did warm up exercises.

Here is the sketchbook.

We had homework on Saturday night sketching our dinner. I had a Naan bread pizza with peppers and zucchini.

The ravens keep watch over the campground and check everything out. As I approached the woman’s restroom an elk was standing right by the door. We stood staring at each other.

I have more sketches in the van in parking lot BUT I have 10 more minutes until my WiFi expires so I’ll go with what I have! More sketches later! I’m heading for the desert view campground tomorrow.