Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine

WOW!  The whole experience was overwhelming in a good way.  90 creative people gathered together in a beautiful landscape.  The classes were drawing, metals, glass, wood and fabric. I was in the drawing class with a fantastic teacher and artist Claire Sherman.   My roommate was in the glass class.  I loved it all!    This blog will show mostly my art work.  It will take another post or 2 to talk about the food and other things I did.

I am standing by my work for the showing of  students’ work on Thursday night before we left Friday am.  Claire Sherman the teacher was wonderful.  She does large oil paintings and exhibits at the D.C. Moore Gallery in NYC.   She teaches at Drew University. We started our class with Claire showing slides by artists throughout history working in landscape.  Then we went outside to the rocks.  Painting and drawing everyday using watercolor, pens, crayons, and pencils I quickly worked on my small studies.  “Do 6 sketches before lunch”, Claire would say.  Use good paper and good paint.  What are you saving paper for?

I got quite involved with the idea of seaweed creeping around the rocks and into the sea. Seaweed became a fascinating subject for me.P1050180

The small sketches evolved into larger mixed media watercolor paintings.  Claire encouraged us to take leaps pushing our ideas along.  “There should be a difference between a photograph and a painting” she said.  We looked at slides of work by Turner, Charles Birchfield , Hooper and Diog among a few.  We also had reading homework every evening.


Night Painting Cabin 18 and 19

We read about VanGogh before we did a night painting.  I started this night painting outside my cabin but the mosquitos attacked me so I went inside with the lights out to paint some more.  I finished it the next day in the studio.

Lots and lots of painting of Deer Isle. Lots of climbing steps.  Steps to my cabin, steps to the bathroom, steps to the studio, steps to the dining hall and steps to the parking lot.  The 2 weeks spent here was a step into paradise.  The paradise did include ants, mosquitos and laundry that would never quite dry.P1040993

Foggy days, sunny days and 1 rainy day.

I feel like I learned new things and had a great time.  On my way home I visited an exhibit of watercolors by John Marin.  He painted on Deer Isle, Maine.  These are 2 of his paintings of Deer Isle.


Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri

Oklahoma: Sitting at the picnic table eating breakfast and watching the horses workout around the track at Tulsa’s Will Rogers Downs KOA campground was a great way to start the day.  Canada geese where in the center of the race track.   I went from Tulsa, Ok. , Bentonville, AK and ended up in Springfield ,MO for 235 miles today.


Gas is 1.99 and I thought that was low until I saw it for 1.95 and then 1.92.  Maybe it’s gone down in price in Calif.???

I stopped at Crystal Bridges for 3 hours on my journey.  I love this this free museum that Alice Walden started with her Walmart money.  However the Chihuly exhibit in the Gallery and in the Forest was $20.  I got my ticket and headed to the Forest!


This is part of Crystal Bridges Art Museum

P1040585Chihuly in the Forest.  These are the blown glass Belugas.

I liked some of his early work in the Gallery.


An installation by Sol LeWitt


My campsite at the KOA in Springfield, Missouri.  I’m still outside on their wonderful WIFI typing my Blog.  They also have a swimming pool I sampled.  The birds are singing loudly.  It’s very nice here.  Later:  The WiFi gave out on me this morning.  NOW:  I’m in Casey, Illinois at a nice KOA campground with WiFi, a swimming pool and laundry enjoying my evening.

Degas Monotypes at MOMA

“Make a drawing, Begin it again, Trace it, begin it again, And Retrace it” Edgar Degas

P1010459Degas  A Strange New Beauty is the title of this wonderful exhibit.  Degas monotypes are all about his love of experimentation.  I loved this exhibit.  I found it inspirational.  I wanted to start making monotypes immediately.P1010468

He became obsessed with monotypes and would print and print adding ink and subtracting ink.  On the monotypes Degas would add pastels, watercolor, charcoal or more ink. ”  A partner in his printmaking adventures Pierre-George Jeanniot described Degas’s anticipation as the monotype plate and paper were about to be cranked through the press:  When everything was ready Degas said, “what a terrifying moment! Go Ahead!  Start Turning!”P1010463

In this monotype”Three Studies of Ludovic Halevy Standing”  Degas drew in charcoal on the left.  The charcoal drawing was then run through the printing press with damp paper on top printing the 2nd drawing.



“Pathway in a Field”  pastel over monotype in oil on paper


Degas worked on a series of landscapes.  Degas described his landscape monotypes as imaginary and he was not interested in details.


Landscape with Rocks

Pastel over monotype in oil on paper



Twilight in the Pyrences

Pastel over Monotype in oil on paper


The Road in the Forest


Green Landscape


Forest in the Mountains

Landscape (Paysage), Pastel over Monotype in oil on paper.

Christmas in New York and Women Printmakers

P1000442Leaving New York on Wednesday, Dec. 9 and I wanted to see The Tree in Rockefeller Center.


Skating at Rockefeller.

Lunch at Byrant Park and more skaters.  It was a beautiful warm day and I could eat outside!


The Tree at Byrant Park


Skaters at Byrant Park

I visited the New York Public Library in Bryant Park to see an exhibit of Women Artists and Printmakers in the 16th Century.


Three Centuries of Female Printmakers, 1570-1900

This exhibit was  interesting to me as a woman printmaker.  Woman were not allowed to be artists or attend art school in the 16th C.  They could in some cases do printmaking or sketching if they were rich or well connected.  This is a 1587 Woodcut done by Marie de Medici.  She was the daughter of Francesco de Medici, the Grand Duke of Tuscany.  The work of a Princess and the first example of a print created by a patrician woman.


Self Portait  of Anna Maria van Schurman, Aged 33 (detail) engraving and etching

Below is”A Young Girl Playing with Chicks, etching 1767, was created by Maria Carolina, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Naples (Austrian 1752-1814),


Etching by Maria Carolina, Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Naples


Napoleon’s Mother

Charlotte Bonaparte was the daughter of Emperor Napoleon I’s elder brother Joseph, King of Naples and Sicily.  She portrays her grandmother at the age of 84.


Jeanne Antoinette Poisson,  Marquise de Pompadour (French, 1720-1764)

Print by Madame de Pompadour, A child Seated Blowing Bubbles, Engraving 1751


An etching by Princess Elizabeth, ( British, 1770-1840) A Woman Led by Cupid.

November in New York

A ticket to the Whitney Museum of Art to see the Frank Stella Retrospective.P1000088

Some of his work is very exciting to me.


Frank Stella Epic Painting. This is the painting that you first see when exiting the elevator.


“Wooden Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


“Black Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


Women and mens room.  I hope the non-English speaking people can understand this??


I love all the balconies at The Whitney


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I love the views from The Whitney Museum


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I like this Stella sculpture.


“The Fountain”, 1992. Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage and airbrush. Artist Proof, by Tyler Graphics. Mural scale print on 3 mammoth sheets of handmade Japenese paper, from Moby Dick Series.


Print by Frank Stella


3 Frank Stella sculptures

Statement by Frank Stella “There is an energy- and excitement-in the newer work that the stripe paintings didn’t have.  I don’t think you can do it all at once.  That’s why you’re lucky you have a lifetime.”


Frank Stella smoke prints Cigar smoke, Untitled late 1980’s


Print by Frank Stella

“You can only take advantage of those gifts that you really have- that are part of your character, and you’re lucky to be born with these gifts”  quote by Frank Stella.

Leaving the Whitney I find a lobster roll.


Lobster roll with pickles

I’m here for Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren but in between I visit as many museums and sights in NYC as I can.


beautiful sunset looking toward the Hudson    River.

I visit the MOMA to see the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit.

I also see an exhibit of Jackson Pollock.


“Untitled” Jackson Pollock, 1951


Sculpture Garden at the MOMA


Picasso sculpture of Goat

In between we visit with Ronald MacDonald.  Gourmet Cheeseburger dinner.P1000138


Passing through Grand Central Station

I visit Morgan Museum to see Matisse books exhibit.

P1000145 P1000144


Matisse had many experiences illustrating books and working with friends.  I wasn’t allowed to photograph in the very interesting exhibit.

A trip to Wave Hill botanical garden in Riverdale.


It’s a beautiful day to do some sketching.


Lunch outside and sketching. A beautiful day.


small leaved Linden Tree



European Copper Beech Tree

Philadelphia Barnes Collection and Pennsylvania Dutch Country

My sister, brother-in-law and I arrived in Newark, rented a car and headed for Philadelphia. The Penn’s View Hotel in Philadelphia was great.  The breakfast in the a.m. had a waffle machine with the liberty bell.


Waffle Machine


Liberty Bell


Strawberry sauce and Whipped Cream to put on top.


View from my room at Penn’s View Hotel.

The next day we walk to the Barnes Foundation Museum.


Walking to museum


The Museum is very Modern.


Dr. Barnes liked to arrange the paintings and objects to compliment each other and then keep rearranging.

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Cody, Wyoming- Best 4th of July!

Leaving Lamar Buffalo Ranch on Friday I immediately got into a big Buffalo jam! I was going to eat my breakfast at a pull-out but instead ate while waiting for the Buffalo to cross the road.

Buffalo Jam

Buffalo Jam

To get to Cody I traveled the spectacular scenic Chief Joseph Highway.  I had to keep pulling out to see the wonderful scenery.  I met a Mother and Daughter traveling from Alaska.  They go every year to their cabins in Alaska leaving their husbands behind in North Carolina.  They told me where I should stop.


Sunshine Canyon Overlook


Chief Joseph Highway

I pulled into the Ponderosa Campground and rode my bike to the parade the next day.  The Parade for the 4th of July started at 9:30 a.m. and lasted  90 minutes.  It was good and had just about everything.  I found a shady spot behind a tree and watched it.  Later I got in line for a hamburger.




That evening the mosquitoes came out but I could see fireworks from the pop-top of Vanna.  It was the perfect spot.


Fireworks from top bunk of Vanna.


Sunday was a quiet day.  I was lucky that the Ponderosa Campground had a laundry.IMG_2465

Also a T.V. to watch USA win the World Cup.

Monday and Tuesday I rode my bike to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West Museum.


 One admission includes 2 days.  There are 5 museums.  First stop for me was the Whitney Western Art Museum.  It is very well done.


Albert Bierstadt, Yellowstone Falls, 1881

There were a lot of Albert Bierstadt paintings in the museum.  Frederic Remington and other western artists were represented.


Frederic Remington Riding Herd in the Rain, 1897, pen and ink wash on paper


Ferderic Remington’s Studio in New Rochelle, New York


Remington’s Studio built in 1896.


Five Buffalo, painting by Jane Quick to See Smith1983

Next I visited the Plains Indian Museum

On Tuesday I visited the other 3 museums.  Buffalo Bill Cody, Natural History and even Firearms Museum.

  The WiFi here is often hard to get, depending where you are and what time of day it is, but tomorrow Thursday,  I head to Grant Campground in Yellowstone.  I plan to stop at the Walmart in Cody for some supplies. I won’t have WiFi until I reach Gardiner, Montana and my Hiking Adventure with Road Scholar on Sunday.  Thank you for your messages I really enjoy them.