Part Two: Top Ten Southern Arizona

Top TenP1040161

6.  Tumacacori

It’s Monday we are staying in Tubac but leave early in the morning for Tumacacori Mission.  We have an excellent guided tour by Ranger Rick.  O’odham, Yacqui and Apache people met first with the European Jesuits led by Padre Kino in 1691 .  Next Franciscan missionaries, settlers and soldiers arrived. Sometimes in conflict and sometimes in cooperation.  The church lost it’s priest in 1828 with a new Mexican nation.  Indians and settlers held on, but a series of Apache raids and a harsh winter drove them away in 1848.

Tumacacori is now a National Historical Park.P1040052P1040043

7. Santa Cruz Spices

P1040039Right down the street from the Church was the Santa Cruz Spice Shop.  Bev told us to go there and we were not disappointed.  All kinds of mixtures of spices were available.  We had to look at every package and sample it.  I also purchased the book I am reading now.  I’really enjoying “These is My Words” by Nancy E. Turner.  It’s the story of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1991.  The author is a Tucson Woman.  It’s interesting historical fiction from this area.

8.  Mission San Xavier

The flags of four nations have hung over this Missions.  Spain until Mexico won independence in 1821.  The Gadsden Purchase brought the mission to the United States in 1854.  Today the flag of Tohono O’odham Nation flies over the Mission.

Mission San Xavier is known as “The White Dove of the Desert”


The reclining figure of San Francisco Xavier where pilgrims come to petition.  As the pure of heart lay there hands on his head it rises.

We were there on Sunday and waited for the Mass to finish to visit the elaborate sanctuary.

9.  Ajo, Arizona

We found this small town near Organ Pipe National Monument to be charming.  We stayed at the Sonoran Conference Center in a refurbished elementary school house.  This was perfect for me.  As a retired school teacher I felt I had the Princess Room.  The town was very artist friendly and had apartments for artists to live in and work.  Downtown was an alley way filled with murals.  As I was leaving breakfast one morning a Javelina was strolling through the center.  They also had gardens of vegetables and chickens.

10.  The Restaurants and Food


The newer El Charro Cafe

El Charro Cafe-   We loved this place!  The Margaritas and the corn tamales are out of this world good.  We found a newer branch of the Cafe in the Eastern part of Tucson and loved that also!

Wisdom Cafe- by the Mission in Tumacacori. ” Furit burros”need to be ordered when you first come in for your later dessert.  A crispy tortilla rolled in cinnamon and sugar topped with ice-cream.  We ordered the banana cream.  The Sonoran Hotdog is on a huge roll with pinto beans, salsa, guacamole and cheese.  Did I mention the tasty Margarita.  I overate that day, but it was worth it.

Santiago’s-  Lobster tostada’s and delicious Margaritas in Brisbee.  We toured the museum in Brisbee and learned about the Copper Mine.


Waiting for our lobster tostada’s.

Puny John’s BBQ -One of the best parts of Tombstone.  We saw the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and walked the streets.  But the ribs were the best part and Colin talked to Puny John and got us a tour of the smoking house operation.P1040127

  The top ten is done but I wanted to mention:

The WALL at the border.

The tall wall doesn’t allow for birds, animals or plants to migrate.  The photo of me leaning into Mexico keeps cars out.  We drove through many  border checkpoints.

Why- This is an actual town.  They have a big Border Control facility there.

Titian Missle Base- Very interesting tour of old missile now sealed up.  Talk of the cold war and bombs.


Control Center underground


Cheers!  Until next time!


November in New York

A ticket to the Whitney Museum of Art to see the Frank Stella Retrospective.P1000088

Some of his work is very exciting to me.


Frank Stella Epic Painting. This is the painting that you first see when exiting the elevator.


“Wooden Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


“Black Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


Women and mens room.  I hope the non-English speaking people can understand this??


I love all the balconies at The Whitney


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I love the views from The Whitney Museum


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I like this Stella sculpture.


“The Fountain”, 1992. Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage and airbrush. Artist Proof, by Tyler Graphics. Mural scale print on 3 mammoth sheets of handmade Japenese paper, from Moby Dick Series.


Print by Frank Stella


3 Frank Stella sculptures

Statement by Frank Stella “There is an energy- and excitement-in the newer work that the stripe paintings didn’t have.  I don’t think you can do it all at once.  That’s why you’re lucky you have a lifetime.”


Frank Stella smoke prints Cigar smoke, Untitled late 1980’s


Print by Frank Stella

“You can only take advantage of those gifts that you really have- that are part of your character, and you’re lucky to be born with these gifts”  quote by Frank Stella.

Leaving the Whitney I find a lobster roll.


Lobster roll with pickles

I’m here for Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren but in between I visit as many museums and sights in NYC as I can.


beautiful sunset looking toward the Hudson    River.

I visit the MOMA to see the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit.

I also see an exhibit of Jackson Pollock.


“Untitled” Jackson Pollock, 1951


Sculpture Garden at the MOMA


Picasso sculpture of Goat

In between we visit with Ronald MacDonald.  Gourmet Cheeseburger dinner.P1000138


Passing through Grand Central Station

I visit Morgan Museum to see Matisse books exhibit.

P1000145 P1000144


Matisse had many experiences illustrating books and working with friends.  I wasn’t allowed to photograph in the very interesting exhibit.

A trip to Wave Hill botanical garden in Riverdale.


It’s a beautiful day to do some sketching.


Lunch outside and sketching. A beautiful day.


small leaved Linden Tree



European Copper Beech Tree

Art I Loved in 2014 – part 2

 My Art Work from 2014! (Part Two)

I Loved the Locations of this Art Work. The Fun was in the Places I Painted!

IMG_3502The Outer Banks

This is a small watercolor sketch I painted on the beach at Cape Hatteras.
It’s challenging painting on the beach!

IMG_3505Making PostCards!

Gloria's house in ConnecticutConnecticut

Gloria’s House in Connecticut!

A trip to New Hampshire to hike, paint, eat and relax!

Linda and I hiked up to Artist Bluff to paint.

New Hampshire Linda and I hiked up to Artist Bluff to paint.

Artist's Bluff in the White Mountains, N.H.

Artist’s Bluff in the White Mountains, N.H.

Return to NYC.

Matt's office at Hunter College, CUNY

Matt’s office at Hunter College, CUNY

Mural Painted at my son’s office!

Elsa and Matt bring me to office to paint mural!

Elsa and Matt bring me to office to paint mural!

working on Mural in Matt's office

working on Mural in Matt’s office



Mural finished!Mural in Matt's Office, Looking down Lexington Avenue.
Mural in Matt’s Office,
Looking down Lexington Avenue.

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