Painting with Grandkids and more painting!!

The boys loved doing small paintings.  They looked good and didn’t take as long to paint. The shark and sunflower painting are 5″x5″on canvas.  The  winter and night scene are 3″x3″ paimtimgs. They all fit on small wooden easels.   The 2nd grader, 4th and 5th grader were all pleased with there paintings and so was I.



I arrived in New York with lots of art supplies in my suitcase.  Between activities, homework, school, scoccer and karate we started a painting marathon.


My grand daughter loves painting as much as I do. We painted pumpkins and flowers before school and after school. I had given a watercolor workshop at Sherman Gardens on painting pumpkins and sunflowers. Big round oval pumpkin shapes and small circles and rounded petal shapes for flowers.IMG_7079My painting for watercolor class.


My 4 year old granddaughter did many wonderful paintings!


The fourth grader did this painting of a soccer field!  It’s 3″x3″ . A wonderful painting somewhat abstract.


My minature winter paintings are 3″x3″.  I really enjoy painting and being able to share painting ideas and skills is fantastic!

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle Maine- -part 2

Food, Food, and more Food!

No worry about being hungry.  We were trained to be at dining hall when the bell rang and somehow all 90 plus people were hungry and could even eat desert.  It must have been the ocean air? Or the lack of cell phones and internet?IMG_6430

The cakes are a work of art!  My favorite was the Blueberry Cheesecake.  I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy eating it!


These are some of the menus that were posted for every meal.


Fresh baked cookies were out at every lunch time.  You just had to try one or two to get you through to the next meal.

Cartoon Characters

The Young Woman from Iceland does a weekly cartoon for her newspaper.

She arrived in Maine and never did get her luggage but she got so many mosquito bites!

My Cartoon Character

I was inspired me to develop my own cartoon. It’s so much fun.

Myself as Carvannna.

These are some of my cartoons!

And More fast paintings! At the end of the deck overlooking the ocean.





Another Seaweed Painting! Between Painting I wrote down some thoughts:

The Perfect Moment

Sparkling sun, waves  lapping against the rocks,

Seaweed swaying with the water.

Paint, paper, brush, pens by my side, Paint flows,

The sky has pink,

Shadows of purple, islands distant grayish purple and dark green.

Cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine, and turquoise blend into the sky and sea,

greens and burnt sienna along the shore and island.

The moment you realize,

This is it!


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine

WOW!  The whole experience was overwhelming in a good way.  90 creative people gathered together in a beautiful landscape.  The classes were drawing, metals, glass, wood and fabric. I was in the drawing class with a fantastic teacher and artist Claire Sherman.   My roommate was in the glass class.  I loved it all!    This blog will show mostly my art work.  It will take another post or 2 to talk about the food and other things I did.

I am standing by my work for the showing of  students’ work on Thursday night before we left Friday am.  Claire Sherman the teacher was wonderful.  She does large oil paintings and exhibits at the D.C. Moore Gallery in NYC.   She teaches at Drew University. We started our class with Claire showing slides by artists throughout history working in landscape.  Then we went outside to the rocks.  Painting and drawing everyday using watercolor, pens, crayons, and pencils I quickly worked on my small studies.  “Do 6 sketches before lunch”, Claire would say.  Use good paper and good paint.  What are you saving paper for?

I got quite involved with the idea of seaweed creeping around the rocks and into the sea. Seaweed became a fascinating subject for me.P1050180

The small sketches evolved into larger mixed media watercolor paintings.  Claire encouraged us to take leaps pushing our ideas along.  “There should be a difference between a photograph and a painting” she said.  We looked at slides of work by Turner, Charles Birchfield , Hooper and Diog among a few.  We also had reading homework every evening.


Night Painting Cabin 18 and 19

We read about VanGogh before we did a night painting.  I started this night painting outside my cabin but the mosquitos attacked me so I went inside with the lights out to paint some more.  I finished it the next day in the studio.

Lots and lots of painting of Deer Isle. Lots of climbing steps.  Steps to my cabin, steps to the bathroom, steps to the studio, steps to the dining hall and steps to the parking lot.  The 2 weeks spent here was a step into paradise.  The paradise did include ants, mosquitos and laundry that would never quite dry.P1040993

Foggy days, sunny days and 1 rainy day.

I feel like I learned new things and had a great time.  On my way home I visited an exhibit of watercolors by John Marin.  He painted on Deer Isle, Maine.  These are 2 of his paintings of Deer Isle.


Bryce Canyon

Heading for Bryce Canyon.  My first stop was Yuba State Park in Utah.


Bryce Canyon

 I had a wonderful campsite overlooking the Yuba Dam lake.  The workers that built the Dam in 1906 named it. They would say U.B. dammed if you work and U.B. dammed if you don’t work, from this the town was named Yuba.  I enjoyed the campsite so much I stayed another night.


Yuba Lake

Tuesday morning  I headed for Bryce Canyon.  I got a great campsite at North Campground in Bryce Canyon and headed to Inspiration Point to look at the HooDoo’s.  I forgot how BEAUTIFUL Bryce Canyon is. I was in awe of the red rock formations.  The next day I started my hike to the Queen’s Garden.  It’s down into the Canyon to see a HooDoo that looks like Queen Victoria.  I made a booklet of sketches of views along the way.


Hoodoo (hoo” doo) n. 1. A pinnacle or odd shaped force of erosion. 2. To cast a spell. v. 3.Voodoo


“Silence alone is worthy to be heard.”  Henry David Thoreau, Journal- Jan.21, 1853

I drove to Rainbow Point the next day and hiked the BristleCone Pine Loop trail.

I wanted to see the Utah BristleCone Pine.  Utah Bristlecone Pines are 1500 years old while the California BristleCone Pines are 5000 years old.  I figured that trees  in Utah are like teenagers compared to the middle-aged trees in California.  It was quite windy at the point and the trees looked almost dead.  I enjoyed the views along the way and made another  booklet of sketches.

“I need solitude.  I have come forth to this hill to see the forms of the mountains on the horizon- to behold and commune with something grander than man.”  Henry ThoreauAugust 14, 1854  I liked this sign posted along the trail.


As I hiked the Queen’s Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon.  I started to work on this poem.

Hoodoo Voodoo

Hoodoo Voodoo

329 feet downward
pinnacles of weathered red rock
Erosion carved heads, torsos, limbs
Red rock crinkled into forms
Stop! Breathe! Voodoo!
A language I try to see!

129 feet closer to the edge
Freezing ice chipping 
Frost wedging Hoodoos
German, Chinese, Italian
Listen! Snap! Voodoo!
A language I try to hear!

Switchbacks lead to hoodoo
A Sandstone Queen Victoria
A crown, a face, majestic cape
Voices whirl in piñon pines
Stop! Snap! Breathe!
A language I try to touch!

Upward on the labyrinth
110 feet to the shade of Juniper tree
Hoodoo shadows shift
Clusters of red rock facing East
Pause! Sip! Breathe!
A Language I try to understand!


Ghost Ranch,New Mexico: Travel Journal

New Mexico has so many hidden back road places.  My travel Journal class took us to a few of these spots.  We went to El Rito.  The lunch at El Farolita was not to miss.  It looks completely abandoned until 12 noon on the dot.  Than suddenly it is all filled.  The food is good.

The next day we went to Los Ojos.  More people but very small and many deserted or run down buildings.  There is a thriving weaving store “Tierra Wools”.  They spin and dye wool from sheep in the area.  They have many weaving looms to make clothing items.  It was a fun town to sit and draw.
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Painting at Santa Paula Airport

Over the mountains and through the woods to Santa Paula.

P1010202My friend encouraged me to go to Ojai on Sat.  We would go to Santa Paula Airport

on Sunday for their Open House and Paint Out.P1010204Santa Paula is a small airport that doesn’t have big time security.  How refreshing  It seemed like a throw back in time.


Santa Paulo is a small airport.

It was scary for me because I had never drawn or painted an airplane before.  It was a beautiful day and the air seemed filled with excitement.


My favorite painting of the day!

P1010222My friend and I walked around looking at all the planes. Lots of small colorful old and new planes.P1010216


I started to paint and needed to measure proportions and look at spaces between

the wings and body of the airplanes.  I was painting with watercolor.

My friend was painting in oils.  She will have an open studio on April 9 with the Ojai Open Studios.  Karen Lewis and Linda Taylor will exhibit their work at Karen’s Studio.P1010263It was windy, planes were taking off and people walked by.  People had their hangers open for display.  It was so




What a great day.  They have an open house the first Sunday of next month.  I wish I could go again.  I think my friend will go.

Back in Ojai

It was a fun Trip.  The ART Center was getting ready for a psychedelic Party.

November in New York

A ticket to the Whitney Museum of Art to see the Frank Stella Retrospective.P1000088

Some of his work is very exciting to me.


Frank Stella Epic Painting. This is the painting that you first see when exiting the elevator.


“Wooden Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


“Black Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


Women and mens room.  I hope the non-English speaking people can understand this??


I love all the balconies at The Whitney


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I love the views from The Whitney Museum


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I like this Stella sculpture.


“The Fountain”, 1992. Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage and airbrush. Artist Proof, by Tyler Graphics. Mural scale print on 3 mammoth sheets of handmade Japenese paper, from Moby Dick Series.


Print by Frank Stella


3 Frank Stella sculptures

Statement by Frank Stella “There is an energy- and excitement-in the newer work that the stripe paintings didn’t have.  I don’t think you can do it all at once.  That’s why you’re lucky you have a lifetime.”


Frank Stella smoke prints Cigar smoke, Untitled late 1980’s


Print by Frank Stella

“You can only take advantage of those gifts that you really have- that are part of your character, and you’re lucky to be born with these gifts”  quote by Frank Stella.

Leaving the Whitney I find a lobster roll.


Lobster roll with pickles

I’m here for Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren but in between I visit as many museums and sights in NYC as I can.


beautiful sunset looking toward the Hudson    River.

I visit the MOMA to see the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit.

I also see an exhibit of Jackson Pollock.


“Untitled” Jackson Pollock, 1951


Sculpture Garden at the MOMA


Picasso sculpture of Goat

In between we visit with Ronald MacDonald.  Gourmet Cheeseburger dinner.P1000138


Passing through Grand Central Station

I visit Morgan Museum to see Matisse books exhibit.

P1000145 P1000144


Matisse had many experiences illustrating books and working with friends.  I wasn’t allowed to photograph in the very interesting exhibit.

A trip to Wave Hill botanical garden in Riverdale.


It’s a beautiful day to do some sketching.


Lunch outside and sketching. A beautiful day.


small leaved Linden Tree



European Copper Beech Tree