Fly Fishing on The San Juan River in New Mexico


Fishing on The San Juan River

My brother and I left in the early morning to meet our guide, Brian and fly fish in the drift boat on the San Juan  River.


My brother and I ready to fish.

  Our  guide said it was Disneyland for Fly Fishermen.  It turned out to be true.  We headed to the Texas Hole to catch some fish.  “Be Ready” our guide Brian told me.  Look at the beautiful rainbow trout I caught.  It’s all Catch and Release in this area.  The Rainbow was so beautiful.  I told it to swim away and have a good life.

My picture was posted on: on Facebook,

 catching my first fish.


My first beautiful rainbow trout. I’m a happy                        fisherwoman.



A happy fisherman.


“Biscuit” Watercolor of biscuit along the San Juan River.


“Biscuit” oil painting  It reminded me of the tuffets I sketched this summer.

We were camped along the river at Archuleta RV Park.IMG_4150

A beautiful spot even a flock of wild turkeys liked it here.


Camping with friends we walk along the river.

Early morning and we go fishing again.


A beautiful fish

My brother and I fished for two days and caught lots of beautiful rainbow and brown trout.


Thanks to Brian and all his teaching and help.


Morning Sunrise


Getting ready to leave.


San Juan River, oil painting in progress. That means I still want to work on it but I like the sky.

It was time to head home.  New Mexico has wonderful scenery.  I enjoyed the ride to Arizona.IMG_4153 Petrified wood was at our campground in Holbrook, Arizona.  Dinner at La Posada.  We enjoyed looking at the art of owner Tina Minon.  She happened to stop to talk to us as we sat in the lobby.   Trains and a maze were also interesting at the hotel.


Cinnamon checks out the petrified     wood.

IMG_4164We drove through Arizona on Highway 87 to 260 to 17 and finally Route 10.

I made up a country western song as I rode along.

I’m a happy, happy girl,

Ain’t no whiskey dreaming blues for me,

leaving Winslow, Arizona,

Yah, la, la la, la

It passes the time on the road as I sing above the county western songs on my radio.


Camping west of Phoenix.

IMG_4178I’m still dreaming of my fishing trip and busy painting.

Each day I do a painting from Arizona or New Mexico.


“Rainbow Trout” watercolor

©artwork carolkreider




Philadelphia Barnes Collection and Pennsylvania Dutch Country

My sister, brother-in-law and I arrived in Newark, rented a car and headed for Philadelphia. The Penn’s View Hotel in Philadelphia was great.  The breakfast in the a.m. had a waffle machine with the liberty bell.


Waffle Machine


Liberty Bell


Strawberry sauce and Whipped Cream to put on top.


View from my room at Penn’s View Hotel.

The next day we walk to the Barnes Foundation Museum.


Walking to museum


The Museum is very Modern.


Dr. Barnes liked to arrange the paintings and objects to compliment each other and then keep rearranging.

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The Illuminated Field Journal in Yellowstone

Event map from Trout Lake. Page in my journal

Event map from Trout Lake.
Page in my journal

bundled up for mosquitos and flies

bundled up for mosquitos and flies

Sunday and I arrived back at Lamar Buffalo Ranch for my class of the Illuminated Field Journal in Yellowstone, taught by Hannah Hinchman


Pronghorn on the hills by the Buffalo Ranch. I named him Swifty.

Monday morning and Hannah took us out to walk the ranch and find something that spoke to us to study. I studiied the Sticky Geranium.

Tussock: A tuff of grass
Tussock: A tuff of grass

In the afternoon we were assigned to draw a Tussock.  I wasn’t even sure what a Tussock was.  I thought it might be something Miss Muffet knew about?

Later that day we traveled to Soda Butte to try to draw water.


Soda Butte journal page.


Drawing water at Soda Butte

“Think of it as light and dark patterns and try to see the angle to the banks of the river”, our instructor Hannanh Hinchman told us.  Hannah has a wonderful calming, reassuring way about her teaching.

She has written several books about nature and nature journaling.

Toward evening on Tuesday we went to a turnout along the Lamar River.  There I tried to draw water and rocks.  I found it quite difficult especially with the flies biting!! Yikes, they were pests!!!!


Drawing rocks and water along the Lamar River

Wednesday we left and hiked along Slough Creek.  Now the Mosquitoes were after us!  I covered up almost completely except for my hands!  I had many bites on my fingers!  The hike was beautiful even though not what was planned.  We finally ended in a meadow watching a beaver splash away and finding bear and wolf footprints.  I saw a Yellow-bellied Marmott on the rocks.  Not many people hiked this way.

Yellow-bellied Marmmot on the rock.  Bear print

Yellow-bellied Marmmot on the rock. Bear print

Thursday and our final day, we hiked to gorgeous Trout Lake.  I tried to capture the reflection but it was gone by the time I lifted my watercolor to paper.  It was a wonderful day sitting, drawing and walking around the lake.  I met a group of students from Africa doing a video class at the University of Montana.

Trout Lake

Trout Lake

Back at the Ranch we looked at everyone’s journals and said Good-byes.

Cafe in Silver City

Cafe in Silver City

6 of us, including Hannah were leaving in the morning and went to dinner at Silver Lake about 25 miles away.  I ate my trout, baked potato and salad like a starving woman.  We all enjoyed the dinner. Of course we were in a Buffalo jam on the way home.

It was a very nice experience.

Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Garden


Entrance to Botanical Gardens

I headed to the New York Botanical Gardens to see the exhibit about Frida Kahlo.

First stop was to head to the library to see the 14 paintings and works on paper.


Botanical imagery was featured.  The work I know

is usually focused on her accident and other body images.  I was very interested in her garden paintings.


I liked the painting of Frida’s face in a sunflower.  There were also still life paintings and

botanical paintings.  “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”, 1940 is a fascinating painting.  I stood in front of it for a long time.  It was compelling.

Next stop was the Conservatory and a look  at the Casa Azul garden, her life long home.


Her studio in or by the garden was also in the Conservatory. Her paintings had a very thick texture.

Looking at her studio with pigments,  I realized she had to mix these pigments with an oil binder and made them of a thick consistency.


The Conservatory had plants of Mexico not so easy in the New York climate.


Pigments from Frida’s Studio


Frida’s Studio


Studio Supplies


Mixing Pigments


Lunch at the newly opened Hudson Grill.  I had a great seat at the bar and watched the dishes being made.


The presentations were fabulous.  The woman sitting next to me told me I must see the rhododendrons and azaleas.  I walked there after lunch. On my way I saw the Peonies.  I love Peonies and they didn’t disappoint.


Peonies in Bloom


More Peonies





I loved taking the tram ride around the Gardens.  It is a wonderful place to visit.


Sketch book from my friend Maureen. I wished my friends were here to sketch with me. They would love it!


Beautiful Colors!

IMG_0970 IMG_0969


Frida as a young woman


Leaving Ojai


Scene from the back yard for my Aunt Lois.


Chicken for Aunt Nancy!

Watercolor Postcards in the mailbox!

My sister and brother-in-law came to visit.

We celebrated my sister’s Birthday.  IMG_0039

We hiked The Shelf trail.


Am I hiking or sitting? There were great views along the way.

Cozy Dell was our hike the next day.


Mountain Overlook at Cozy Dell


Along the Trail at Cozy Dell

We saw fields of beautiful wild flowers.IMG_0025

They looked at my collagraph prints in the studio.


Me at the printing press


 We had a Birthday dinner at Suzanne’s.  Delicious! They stayed in The Tree House.IMG_0035I did 2 more collagraph prints inspired by the meadows of wildflowers we saw.


“Along the Trail” image size 12″x 8″


“Mountain Meadow” image size 12″x 8″


These are my magic pastels. They belonged to Leonora.

 I am packing now to leave Ojai.

Full Moon and Pink Moment in Ojai


Sunset in Ojai

March 3, would have been Beatrice Wood’s 105 Birthday.  She is famous in Ojai or Ojai is famous because of this potter and her glazes.  I had heard of her before I knew of Ojai.  I was urged by my friend to go to a talk about Beatrice Wood on Tuesday at the Ojai Historical Museum.  They are having an exhibit of Portraits, included one of Beatrice Wood. Their were 5 people talking about knowing and working with Beatrice, another young woman is writing a book about her.IMG_9823

Back to the print studio and my rediscovered interest in the collagraph.  I worked on prints about the Ojai Pink Moment. It’s the moment at sunset when the mountains turn a beautiful pink color.  It’s quite amazing.  Thursday is the full moon.

Collagraph Plate ready to print

I used a lot of Magenta in inking up these new prints.  I was quite happy with the outcome.


Listening to the dvd by Brenda Hartell she talked about why she likes printmaking.  “it’s a long process but there is magic when you pull the print from the press and it is working.  Yes! “

“Sunset in Ojai I”

My friend Karen and I were talking about printing and painting.

She likes painting because it is so much more direct.IMG_9849 After lunch I walked along the Shelf Trail.  It looks over the mountains  and valleys of Ojai.  A beautiful sunny day.  Great place to hike.IMG_9851Duck Red Beet Eggs.  I thought I would try it.  These eggs are so fresh and so miserable to peel. I remembered my Mother talking about cleaning ducks to sell in her early married years at the farm on Colebrook Road, Lebanon, PA.  They were tough and a lot of work.  I guess there is something about ducks.  The eggs are bigger and seem to have layers of egg white.  They are supposed to be healthy according to google search.


Pickled Red Beet Duck Eggs

End of the Day. All art work copyright of carolkreider


Ojai Art Center

This morning I did all my chores.  Collected two eggs.


Libby out for her walk. Spotted Dog Art Studio is named after Libby.

 Soft boiled a duck egg for breakfast. Was it ever delicious. I can’t believe the difference in the taste of a fresh farm egg.IMG_9700 IMG_9702


The ducks always waddle along in a group of 3.

 I fed Dexter and Libby and gathered up all my art supplies.


The chickens seem happy to see me.

I am meeting my friend Karen Lewis at the Ojai Art Center.

IMG_9743 Every Tuesday and Thursday am. they have a model for artists to come and paint or draw.  The model was fabulous.

IMG_9747  I was somewhat intimadatied when I found it would be a 3 hour pose. I haven’t been drawing from a model for a few years.  I decided to draw and move around the room every 20 minutes when the model took a break.  I loved the costume the model was dressed in.  There was also a bird cage and doves.  You know I liked that.  I had a great time.  I couldn’t believe it when 12:30 rolled around.  I was in the art time zone.

My friend Karen Lewis and I packed up and headed to the Ojai Valley Spa to see her exhibit of Plein Aire Landscapes.


Karen with 3 of her paintings

She is a wonderful painter.  I loved her work.  The paintings were alive.  We sat there and enjoyed her show. Next we went to her studio to see her current work.

I had to head home to check on the chickens, dog and studio.


Libby guards the back door all day long.


Drawing from Linda’s Garden