North Carolina the Outer Banks

How did I get to North Carolina I asked myself?  I left Pennsyvania and drove through Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.  On the way back from North Carolina through Virginia, then Maryland, over long stretches of bridges and tunnels into Delaware, on to New Jersey and the George Washington bridge to NYC.  Wow!  What a trip.  The Outer Banks is a beautiful wild place.  It was a fun week.


Driving to Cape Hatteras I stopped at Kill Devil Hill to see the site that the Wright Brothers launched their first flight.

Another stop at The Bodie Lighthouse.

Arriving at Cape Hatteras and the house my daughter-in-law, son, 3 grandchildren, her parents, her niece, her brother and his child were staying in this week.  A swimming pool was right beside the house.  It was perfect for a week of great times.


I forgot to take a picture of the large seasoned shrimp as I couldn’t wait to bite into it.  Grits and pulled pork for lunch at Grill and Grits.  Soft vanilla ice cream swirled with fresh peaches!  Breakfast was made every morning by my son.  Life was good.


Driving through the sand in the 4 wheel SUV that my daughter-in-law and son rented we have fun on the beach.  Rip tides, rough surf, sand castles, fishing, painting on the beach, boogie boards, sand crabs and shells make us all happy.

We take the ferry to Ocracoke Island.  My grandson draws the ferry while crossing the inlet.


Painting on the ferry.

We cross the channel to the new Shelly Island Beach at low tide and hear about it the next day on National News ABC.  They warn people not to visit the island as they have had a lot of rescues.  We time it just right and get back with loads of awesome shells.


We found so many shells with Hermit Crabs living in them.  It was nice wading through the water on the bay site hunting for shells, fishing, playing with the hermit crab, painting and watching the ferries crossing.

It was a wonderful time!

Art I Loved in 2014 – part 2

 My Art Work from 2014! (Part Two)

I Loved the Locations of this Art Work. The Fun was in the Places I Painted!

IMG_3502The Outer Banks

This is a small watercolor sketch I painted on the beach at Cape Hatteras.
It’s challenging painting on the beach!

IMG_3505Making PostCards!

Gloria's house in ConnecticutConnecticut

Gloria’s House in Connecticut!

A trip to New Hampshire to hike, paint, eat and relax!

Linda and I hiked up to Artist Bluff to paint.

New Hampshire Linda and I hiked up to Artist Bluff to paint.

Artist's Bluff in the White Mountains, N.H.

Artist’s Bluff in the White Mountains, N.H.

Return to NYC.

Matt's office at Hunter College, CUNY

Matt’s office at Hunter College, CUNY

Mural Painted at my son’s office!

Elsa and Matt bring me to office to paint mural!

Elsa and Matt bring me to office to paint mural!

working on Mural in Matt's office

working on Mural in Matt’s office



Mural finished!Mural in Matt's Office, Looking down Lexington Avenue.
Mural in Matt’s Office,
Looking down Lexington Avenue.

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