Food, Food, Food and Eating

Chickens, chickens, chickens everywhere.  In Connecticut we stopped by my girlfriend’s relatives to see the production.  They were getting about 80 chickens ready for eating and freezing.  I think not everyone wants to see the pictures, but most of us like to eat free range home grown chicken.   It was quite amazing to see.


My friend has peacocks that roam the property and were fed leftover pancakes or bread.  The pancakes were fresh home made.  I don’t know how there were any leftovers but I think she made some especially for the peacocks.P1040666

Picking strawberries in the town I used to live in was fun!

I traveled to Pennsylvania next.  The trucks  through New Jersey were aggressive and the worst I had experienced in my cross country travels.  I was happy to arrive at my Aunt’s farm.P1040745

I was greeted by LuluBelle and Daisy.

We picked asparagus and lettuce from the garden.  My Aunt has about 25 chickens that wander the grounds.  One day they had to stay inside the barn because we went to the Reunion.  I told them about chickens that never got to go outside. They seemed indifferent.


My cousin made a delicious Shoo-fly Pie for me.  Yum!

My Aunt and I drove to Schafferstown to get 2 smoked tongues.

We went to the family reunion and see alpaca, deer and more food than you can imagine.  People related to me that I had never seen before were there.  First a lot of eating and then everyone introduced themselves.

Roots Farmer’s Market always has lots to see and good food to eat.



Bus tour of Kreider Farm in Manville, PA.

Visiting Lititz, PA

My cousin and I visited the quaint town of Lititz, PA.  We shopped, ate lunch, toured the Julius Sturgis pretzel factory, went to the Wilbur Buds Chocolate Store and had a great day.

The Pretzel Tour.


November in New York

A ticket to the Whitney Museum of Art to see the Frank Stella Retrospective.P1000088

Some of his work is very exciting to me.


Frank Stella Epic Painting. This is the painting that you first see when exiting the elevator.


“Wooden Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


“Black Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


Women and mens room.  I hope the non-English speaking people can understand this??


I love all the balconies at The Whitney


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I love the views from The Whitney Museum


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I like this Stella sculpture.


“The Fountain”, 1992. Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage and airbrush. Artist Proof, by Tyler Graphics. Mural scale print on 3 mammoth sheets of handmade Japenese paper, from Moby Dick Series.


Print by Frank Stella


3 Frank Stella sculptures

Statement by Frank Stella “There is an energy- and excitement-in the newer work that the stripe paintings didn’t have.  I don’t think you can do it all at once.  That’s why you’re lucky you have a lifetime.”


Frank Stella smoke prints Cigar smoke, Untitled late 1980’s


Print by Frank Stella

“You can only take advantage of those gifts that you really have- that are part of your character, and you’re lucky to be born with these gifts”  quote by Frank Stella.

Leaving the Whitney I find a lobster roll.


Lobster roll with pickles

I’m here for Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren but in between I visit as many museums and sights in NYC as I can.


beautiful sunset looking toward the Hudson    River.

I visit the MOMA to see the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit.

I also see an exhibit of Jackson Pollock.


“Untitled” Jackson Pollock, 1951


Sculpture Garden at the MOMA


Picasso sculpture of Goat

In between we visit with Ronald MacDonald.  Gourmet Cheeseburger dinner.P1000138


Passing through Grand Central Station

I visit Morgan Museum to see Matisse books exhibit.

P1000145 P1000144


Matisse had many experiences illustrating books and working with friends.  I wasn’t allowed to photograph in the very interesting exhibit.

A trip to Wave Hill botanical garden in Riverdale.


It’s a beautiful day to do some sketching.


Lunch outside and sketching. A beautiful day.


small leaved Linden Tree



European Copper Beech Tree