The Broad and Jasper Johns

I’ve been waiting to go to the new Los Angles Museum, The Broad and at last I go.

The Jasper Johns exhibit was really, really good.  I ‘d like to share a few of the paintings I liked.  There were many more but I picked a few.

The “White Flag, 1960, oil and newspaper collage over lithograph.  I like the way the paint is applied. The flag is one of the themes that Johns keeps returning too. The exhibit was arranged by themes of Jasper John’s work.

Flag, 1955, graphite pencil and graphite was on prepared paper. I like the drawing quality of this piece.

Maps,another theme of Johns,I am crazy about maps and like these paintings.

The piece is called “Map”, 1961-62, oil on paper on fiberboard. I think OKLA. is in the middle of USA.

“Numbers”, 1960-71, ten lithographs reworked with acrylic and oil paint, felt pen, fabric and paper collage.  He uses mixed media and also reworks pieces. I chose one of the ten lithographs number 3. I love the purple.  I could have picked all 10.  I saw his reworked prints a few years ago and was thrilled with his idea of reworking pieces.


Another beautiful painting of “Target”, 1992, encaustic and collage on canvas.

“Disappearance II”, 1962, ink on paper. The swirling black and white is captivating.

“Between the Clock and the Bed”, 1981, oil on canvas with 2 panels.


I always liked the paintings “Summer”, 1985, “Fall”, 1986, “Winter”, 1986 and “Spring”, 1986. Encaustic on canvas.  I saw them in a book and at the exhibit I see them all side by side.  

Here is an intaglio print on paper “The Season”, 1990.FD7FDD46-A880-4180-9962-50C6427A9C4F

The whole exhibit was wonderful to see and it gave a real feeling of the process of thought and work of Jasper Johns. I’m so glad I got to see the exhibit and the new museum.

I am painting tulips at home  getting ready to teach a class at the gardens and enjoyed seeing Jeff Koon’s “Tulips” in the gallery upstairs.E2899537-5D9D-4DF0-97DF-7040F0C27281

Making Monotypes: Printing and Sketching

I have been working on Monotype Printing.  More of the seaweed saga I started at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.  Seaweed intrigues by the tangles, squiggles and lines it makes.  It moves under the ocean water.  It covers the sand in various colors of brown, greens and magenta.  I walk to the beach and collect a bag of dried seaweed to put into Monotypes.



Seaweed in the water.


Getting ready to print at Shary’s Studio in Laguna Beach

Printing in studio.  I made several small studies with seaweed I had collected.  The first color on the print is yellow.  The small sketches come later.  The Monotype below was a larger print I like.



The printing ink was placed on plexiglass plate.  Seaweed placed on top of ink.  Paper covering the inked plate and put through the printing press.


Tangled II

Plenty of ink still on the plexiglass plate above,  so I put another paper on the  plate and ran it through the printing press.  This second print is called a ghost print.  The second print often seems to hold mystery.


Sea World

I also used 2 plexiglass plates one yellow and one blue.  Different sized plates go through the printing press 2 times.  Yellow first than blue ink the second time.  The bubbles are rubbing alcohol sprayed into the ink on the plexiglass plate.P1050541

I have fun drawing my character with the printing press.  I am adjusting the pressure of the press in this cartoon.


Seaweed Swirl


Another trip to the beach.  IMG_6780

Drama at the beach.  The seagulls plan an attack on Target Bag!  How do they  know what’s in it????  I’m painting in my small sketchbook.P1050536 2Meeting my Friend

I am always happy to paint at Sherman Library and Gardens.  It’s a happy peaceful place.P1050539

I’m Getting ready to teach a Watercolor class at Sherman Gardens on Sat. October 28.  Teaching watercolor is fun in this ideal setting.


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle Maine- -part 2

Food, Food, and more Food!

No worry about being hungry.  We were trained to be at dining hall when the bell rang and somehow all 90 plus people were hungry and could even eat desert.  It must have been the ocean air? Or the lack of cell phones and internet?IMG_6430

The cakes are a work of art!  My favorite was the Blueberry Cheesecake.  I didn’t get a picture because I was too busy eating it!


These are some of the menus that were posted for every meal.


Fresh baked cookies were out at every lunch time.  You just had to try one or two to get you through to the next meal.

Cartoon Characters

The Young Woman from Iceland does a weekly cartoon for her newspaper.

She arrived in Maine and never did get her luggage but she got so many mosquito bites!

My Cartoon Character

I was inspired me to develop my own cartoon. It’s so much fun.

Myself as Carvannna.

These are some of my cartoons!

And More fast paintings! At the end of the deck overlooking the ocean.





Another Seaweed Painting! Between Painting I wrote down some thoughts:

The Perfect Moment

Sparkling sun, waves  lapping against the rocks,

Seaweed swaying with the water.

Paint, paper, brush, pens by my side, Paint flows,

The sky has pink,

Shadows of purple, islands distant grayish purple and dark green.

Cobalt, cerulean, ultramarine, and turquoise blend into the sky and sea,

greens and burnt sienna along the shore and island.

The moment you realize,

This is it!


North Carolina the Outer Banks

How did I get to North Carolina I asked myself?  I left Pennsyvania and drove through Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.  On the way back from North Carolina through Virginia, then Maryland, over long stretches of bridges and tunnels into Delaware, on to New Jersey and the George Washington bridge to NYC.  Wow!  What a trip.  The Outer Banks is a beautiful wild place.  It was a fun week.


Driving to Cape Hatteras I stopped at Kill Devil Hill to see the site that the Wright Brothers launched their first flight.

Another stop at The Bodie Lighthouse.

Arriving at Cape Hatteras and the house my daughter-in-law, son, 3 grandchildren, her parents, her niece, her brother and his child were staying in this week.  A swimming pool was right beside the house.  It was perfect for a week of great times.


I forgot to take a picture of the large seasoned shrimp as I couldn’t wait to bite into it.  Grits and pulled pork for lunch at Grill and Grits.  Soft vanilla ice cream swirled with fresh peaches!  Breakfast was made every morning by my son.  Life was good.


Driving through the sand in the 4 wheel SUV that my daughter-in-law and son rented we have fun on the beach.  Rip tides, rough surf, sand castles, fishing, painting on the beach, boogie boards, sand crabs and shells make us all happy.

We take the ferry to Ocracoke Island.  My grandson draws the ferry while crossing the inlet.


Painting on the ferry.

We cross the channel to the new Shelly Island Beach at low tide and hear about it the next day on National News ABC.  They warn people not to visit the island as they have had a lot of rescues.  We time it just right and get back with loads of awesome shells.


We found so many shells with Hermit Crabs living in them.  It was nice wading through the water on the bay site hunting for shells, fishing, playing with the hermit crab, painting and watching the ferries crossing.

It was a wonderful time!

Park City, Utah

Heading to Park City, I stop the first night at Snow Canyon State Park in St. George, Utah.

It is a beautiful spot!  The next day I head up the 15 to Park City, Utah.  At the rest stop I spot a Nut Mobile.

I check into my room at Westgate Resort.  It’s amazing.  I’m really having a good time exploring the environment and the weather while swimming in the indoor-outdoor pool and hot tub.  It’s a great vacation spot.  Monday I stay at the Resort and watch the snow falling.  It’s light snow and I still can go swimming.

 My daily routine  for the rest of the week. Read and eat breakfast than be out at 9:30 a.m. I try to catch some early morning sun.  The sun shinning on the Aspens makes the yellow color luminous. I drive to a spot to paint. I’ve decided the day before where I will go.  Today I went to the parking lot where they had The Farmers Market.  I paint at least 3 paintings.  Below is a truck with pizza oven on the back at the Farmer’s Market.

The Mountains are beautiful with fall colors and snow.

Today it is Olympic Park. I arrived just in time for the tour. The guide looked like

Robert Redford at 45.  He was a former Olympic member of the luge team and now is an announcer for the Olympics.  He is already signed up for South Korea Olympics.

It was so  interesting and scary.  I don’t know how they can do it. The tour was in a bus to 3 different Olympic spots. Next I went to a nice lunch at Squatters  Roadhouse.  Home for my swim in the pool.  I’m really relaxing.

I found a friend in downtown Park City.


Park City owns this barn.  Some call the White Barn also known as McPolin Barn.  I walked a trail past the barn.  Paved trails run all over the city.

My wonderful Brother Bob passed away suddenly in August.  I wanted to post a blog all about him but I wasn’t able to do it yet.  He supported me in all my endeavors.


Painting at Santa Paula Airport

Over the mountains and through the woods to Santa Paula.

P1010202My friend encouraged me to go to Ojai on Sat.  We would go to Santa Paula Airport

on Sunday for their Open House and Paint Out.P1010204Santa Paula is a small airport that doesn’t have big time security.  How refreshing  It seemed like a throw back in time.


Santa Paulo is a small airport.

It was scary for me because I had never drawn or painted an airplane before.  It was a beautiful day and the air seemed filled with excitement.


My favorite painting of the day!

P1010222My friend and I walked around looking at all the planes. Lots of small colorful old and new planes.P1010216


I started to paint and needed to measure proportions and look at spaces between

the wings and body of the airplanes.  I was painting with watercolor.

My friend was painting in oils.  She will have an open studio on April 9 with the Ojai Open Studios.  Karen Lewis and Linda Taylor will exhibit their work at Karen’s Studio.P1010263It was windy, planes were taking off and people walked by.  People had their hangers open for display.  It was so




What a great day.  They have an open house the first Sunday of next month.  I wish I could go again.  I think my friend will go.

Back in Ojai

It was a fun Trip.  The ART Center was getting ready for a psychedelic Party.

South Carlsbad State Beach

Time to Go Camping


Oil painting at site 22

I needed to get out on a trip in Vanna.  I hadn’t been camping since October and I was feeling like I forgot how to leave town and get on the road.  The road was 1 1/2 hours down The 5 to South Carlsbad State Beach.  I had never been to this campground but had read about it.


Beautiful Sunsets

Each evening the ocean and water brought a  different light show.  It was spectacular!

I had a campsite right by the ocean.  Coffee and breakfast from the back of my van while listening to the surf. What could be better than this?P1000796

Painting by the back of the van I could hop in an read for awhile.P1000803

Painting away in watercolor and oils a few people stopped by to see what I was up to.



Watercolor View across the street.



Oil of view across the street

I thought the fence was to keep the squirrels out of the campsite!  BUT, noP1000806

 it was to keep me from falling over the edge.  Later the squirrel tried to visit my campsite.

It’s good I had this practice trip.

I forgot the most important things: plates but I made do.  It felt so relaxing to hear surf night and day while painting, reading and eating. Oh Yes, walking on the beach and riding my bike around the campground.  I was a happy camper!