South Carlsbad State Beach

Time to Go Camping


Oil painting at site 22

I needed to get out on a trip in Vanna.  I hadn’t been camping since October and I was feeling like I forgot how to leave town and get on the road.  The road was 1 1/2 hours down The 5 to South Carlsbad State Beach.  I had never been to this campground but had read about it.


Beautiful Sunsets

Each evening the ocean and water brought a  different light show.  It was spectacular!

I had a campsite right by the ocean.  Coffee and breakfast from the back of my van while listening to the surf. What could be better than this?P1000796

Painting by the back of the van I could hop in an read for awhile.P1000803

Painting away in watercolor and oils a few people stopped by to see what I was up to.



Watercolor View across the street.



Oil of view across the street

I thought the fence was to keep the squirrels out of the campsite!  BUT, noP1000806

 it was to keep me from falling over the edge.  Later the squirrel tried to visit my campsite.

It’s good I had this practice trip.

I forgot the most important things: plates but I made do.  It felt so relaxing to hear surf night and day while painting, reading and eating. Oh Yes, walking on the beach and riding my bike around the campground.  I was a happy camper!


November in New York

A ticket to the Whitney Museum of Art to see the Frank Stella Retrospective.P1000088

Some of his work is very exciting to me.


Frank Stella Epic Painting. This is the painting that you first see when exiting the elevator.


“Wooden Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


“Black Star”, Frank Stella, 2014


Women and mens room.  I hope the non-English speaking people can understand this??


I love all the balconies at The Whitney


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I love the views from The Whitney Museum


Indoor Frank Stella sculpture


I like this Stella sculpture.


“The Fountain”, 1992. Woodcut, etching, aquatint, relief, drypoint, collage and airbrush. Artist Proof, by Tyler Graphics. Mural scale print on 3 mammoth sheets of handmade Japenese paper, from Moby Dick Series.


Print by Frank Stella


3 Frank Stella sculptures

Statement by Frank Stella “There is an energy- and excitement-in the newer work that the stripe paintings didn’t have.  I don’t think you can do it all at once.  That’s why you’re lucky you have a lifetime.”


Frank Stella smoke prints Cigar smoke, Untitled late 1980’s


Print by Frank Stella

“You can only take advantage of those gifts that you really have- that are part of your character, and you’re lucky to be born with these gifts”  quote by Frank Stella.

Leaving the Whitney I find a lobster roll.


Lobster roll with pickles

I’m here for Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren but in between I visit as many museums and sights in NYC as I can.


beautiful sunset looking toward the Hudson    River.

I visit the MOMA to see the Picasso Sculpture Exhibit.

I also see an exhibit of Jackson Pollock.


“Untitled” Jackson Pollock, 1951


Sculpture Garden at the MOMA


Picasso sculpture of Goat

In between we visit with Ronald MacDonald.  Gourmet Cheeseburger dinner.P1000138


Passing through Grand Central Station

I visit Morgan Museum to see Matisse books exhibit.

P1000145 P1000144


Matisse had many experiences illustrating books and working with friends.  I wasn’t allowed to photograph in the very interesting exhibit.

A trip to Wave Hill botanical garden in Riverdale.


It’s a beautiful day to do some sketching.


Lunch outside and sketching. A beautiful day.


small leaved Linden Tree



European Copper Beech Tree

Full Moon and Pink Moment in Ojai


Sunset in Ojai

March 3, would have been Beatrice Wood’s 105 Birthday.  She is famous in Ojai or Ojai is famous because of this potter and her glazes.  I had heard of her before I knew of Ojai.  I was urged by my friend to go to a talk about Beatrice Wood on Tuesday at the Ojai Historical Museum.  They are having an exhibit of Portraits, included one of Beatrice Wood. Their were 5 people talking about knowing and working with Beatrice, another young woman is writing a book about her.IMG_9823

Back to the print studio and my rediscovered interest in the collagraph.  I worked on prints about the Ojai Pink Moment. It’s the moment at sunset when the mountains turn a beautiful pink color.  It’s quite amazing.  Thursday is the full moon.

Collagraph Plate ready to print

I used a lot of Magenta in inking up these new prints.  I was quite happy with the outcome.


Listening to the dvd by Brenda Hartell she talked about why she likes printmaking.  “it’s a long process but there is magic when you pull the print from the press and it is working.  Yes! “

“Sunset in Ojai I”

My friend Karen and I were talking about printing and painting.

She likes painting because it is so much more direct.IMG_9849 After lunch I walked along the Shelf Trail.  It looks over the mountains  and valleys of Ojai.  A beautiful sunny day.  Great place to hike.IMG_9851Duck Red Beet Eggs.  I thought I would try it.  These eggs are so fresh and so miserable to peel. I remembered my Mother talking about cleaning ducks to sell in her early married years at the farm on Colebrook Road, Lebanon, PA.  They were tough and a lot of work.  I guess there is something about ducks.  The eggs are bigger and seem to have layers of egg white.  They are supposed to be healthy according to google search.


Pickled Red Beet Duck Eggs

End of the Day. All art work copyright of carolkreider