One week on my Adventure in Yellowstone

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Day One:

Last Saturday I left on my way to Yellowstone National Park.

I stopped in St George at Snow Valley State Park.  It was hot!

I loved this State Park.  I would call it a hidden gem.  The campground had well spaced spots. I unpack my bike.  Thanks to Colin taking it to the bike shop for me, it is working perfectly.

IMG_2063 IMG_2061IMG_2062IMG_2031

Day Two:

I left early in the morning and headed up 15 stopping at Kolab Canyons National Park.  This is

a part of Zion National Park.  I spend about an hour looking at beautiful scenery and then head onward.

I camped at Hyrum State Park.  It’s North of Salt Lake City and on a quiet lake.

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Day Three:

I stated out early in the morning and made my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, getting there at 11:30 a.m..  I decided to spend an hour or so walking around town.  I went to 2 high end art galleries and other interesting shops. I really enjoyed walking around Jackson Hole.  It was a beautiful day to continue on to Yellowstone National Park.  I camped that night at Bridge Bay Campground and rode my bike to Yellowstone Lake.

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Day Four:

Tuesday morning and I arrived at my  “Sketching the Landscape in Yellowstone” class and checked into

Yellowstone Institute in Lamar Valley.  I had to work my way through loads of tourists  and herds of Buffalo.  It was great to be there.  The next blog will be all about The Sketching Class.  It was wonderful.

Saturday a.m I  have found WiFi at the Chamber of Commerce in Gardiner, Montana.  I have 45 minutes to use the WiFi so I will post part 2 all about the sketching class next time I get to WiFi.


Amtrak to Pennsylvania

I left Penn Station in NY on my way to Elizabethtown to see my 2 Aunts and Cousins.

We had a big storm after I arrived.  Then it rained most of the week.  I managed to

visit, rest and read!  Oh!  I forgot Eating a lot of delicious food!  I’m home now but finishing this post.


Wifi and comfort of Amtrak


My cousin’s house

We visited a new restaurant in Hershey, The Mill, instead of going to “Roots” the farmers

market.  It was raining steadily.


The Mill Restaurant


Raining as we go to The Mill


Lunch with my Aunt and Cousins

My cousin bar-b-qued hamburgers in the rain.  He mowed the lawn in the rain with his yellow raincoat on.  I was comfy inside and didn’t run out in the rain to take a picture.


Company from California and Bar-b-que


Me taking a nap.

On Wednesday Bonnie took me to my Aunt Nancy’s


My Aunt and me with my cousins dog.

First thing we went to see the new 11 new chicks at the barn.IMG_1643

She  also has about 25 new chickens someone had given her.  It was chicken mayhem.


Chickens in the morning.


The two Boxer dogs have slowed down just a little bit, but they are in charge.  More cooking and eating.  We went to Schafferstown to get smoked tongue.


Smoked Tongue cooking in water for a few hours.


Amish wagons on the road.


Fresh aspargus, sugar peas and strawberries were so good.

My brother asked for pretzels so Aunt Nancy and I stopped at Shuey’s.


Shuey’s doesn’t advertise.


They still use an old cash register.

 No advertising but they are well known.  When they are out of pretzels they close for the day.  There are usually long lines but we were lucky and only a few customers were there.  I visit the new baby.


Me holding the new baby boy.


My Mother almost 30 years ago, holding the new baby’s Father.

Saturday morning and I was back on the train to NYC Penn Station.


Chickens in the front.


I read an article about messy desks on Flipboard. Messy desks can be more creative. Yipee!


Breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits. I love this stuff.


Dogwood in bloom everywhere.


Lots of cats. The chickens try for their food.

Florida and LegoLand

We caught a plane from NY to Orlando, Florida.IMG_1134


Ready to go Phase 1

 My son and daughter-in-law are terrific parents.  They have devised a travel system.  The plane trip is divided into 5 phases.

Phase 1 :The trip to the airport.  Each child receives a grade for each phase.

Phase 2:  Getting through security and waiting for the plane.

Phase 3:  The plane trip.  All A’s.


Phase 4:  Getting the rental car and luggage.


Phase 5:  Getting to the the accommodation.  This part can  be difficult but all children get an A.


Groceries and Water Toys at the store

It’s a great idea and seems to get them focused on good behavior.  My Daughter-in-law is a terrific planner and always has lots of snacks and drinks available for hungry children!IMG_1153

At the grocery store all 3 of my credit cards are shut off for possible fraud alert.  Who knew Florida was such a

dangerous unlikely place for me to go!!  At our apartment I spend an hour getting one of my cards back in business.


Swimming is so fun!


We can’t wait to go swimming and hop on the water slides.

Swimming and Lego Land are our featured fun times.  I have been wanting to go to Lego Land for some time.


 We walk through  Lego Land to the Water Park.  We stopped along the way for a few rides and a look at the

minature lego places.  The roller coaster, boat ride and car ride are on the way to the Water park. Its a huge park.


The yellow Ford.


The red Ford.


We return on Wednesday to go on more rides and see the pirates show.

First stop the Carousel.  We all love that!

Grandma and Grandaughter go on the Merlin’s Challenge ride twice.IMG_1388

The boys go on the Royal Joust.


Pirates Cove has a water ski Pirates Show.


Grandma and grandkids screaming up and down.


Last Stop is the Toy Shop.  The boys have a budget to spend.  They have one amount the first day and

$10. more each additional day.  They can save their money or spend it all the first day.  They also considered

putting their money together.  They learn about money.


We open the Lego Toy Store.


Painting Umbrellas


Papa plays football



Waking up Grandma

 We all had a WONDERFUL time.