David Hockney Exhibit

I loved this exhibit and want to make a post about it even though I saw it on NOV. 29. I FIND INSPIRATION FROM David Hockney. I’ll be talking about the Hockney exhibit and the prints I am working on in this post.

I love this 9 panel painting of the Grand Canyon by David Hockney.

He did many landscape paintings and especially The Grand Canyon. I am always returning to the Grand Canyon in my paintings, drawings and prints also Camping in Vanna, my VWEuro van. This is another painting of the Grand Canyon by Hockney below. I like the way Hockney simplified the shapes of the cliffs and plants. These paintings capture some of the Grand Canyon feeling for me. It’s hot, vast, deep and mysterious.I learned from the exhibit that Hockney was a frequent visitor to The Grand Canyon. It also mentioned that he was inspired

by Thomas Moran. I am very fond of Thomas Moran who painted and sketched at The Grand Canyon and Yellowstone in 1871. I always visit Moran Point named after the artist Thomas Moran, when I travel to the Grand Canyon.

Hockey’s first work in The Grand Canyon series was, the panoramic sixty-canvas “A Bigger Grand Canyon”. The exhibit explained it was too large for this exhibit (really, The Met?). But I had first seen this 60 canvas painting on exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts years ago. It is still with me in memory.

The Grand Canyon is one of Hockney’s favorite American Landscapes. So many paintings in the exhibit I liked but I picked just a few to post in my blog. I liked was “Nichols Canyon” done by Hockney in Los Angeles. Wow! I love the colors he uses.I liked this painting “The Road Across the Wolds”.

“Medical Building” a wonderful painting. The painting below is “A Lawn Being Sprinkled”. The both offer a new twist on a familiar boring. I can’t leave the exhibit with out mentioning Hockney’s iPad drawings.

I first started on iPad drawings after hearing about Hockney’s and then seeing many at The Los Angles Museum of Art. In this exhibit at the Met they had three screens that continually showed Hockney’s iPad drawings. The screens also started with the blank iPad and showed the drawings developing. What fun to see.

Lunch at the Met dining room was a delicious way to end viewing the exhibit. My sister enjoyed the exhibit and lunch as much as I did.Sauces that came with my fish.

I’m back at home revisiting my Grand Canyon Monotype Prints. They needed a few tweaks to finish and I was inspired!

The print of the Grand Canyon is a monotype collage. On paper.

I had to darken a few area on this watercolor Monotype. I almost threw it out as I am trying to declutter and now I’m happy with it.

Another watercolor Monotype I looked at again. I decided I liked it. I like the foreground bushes and plants. These Monotype prints on printing paper and run through the printing press.paper.

Thanks for reading my blog. Carol

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Visiting Chagall Exhibit at LACMA

A New Year, a new iPad Pro and an exciting exhibit at the Los Angles Museum of Art. 2018 is off to a great start.. I visited this exhibit on a bus trip. I was on the wait list and so glad I got the call to go to LACMA.

This is the stage set for The Magic Flute!

Watercolors were also on display of Chagall’s designs for costumes and sets. I loved it! Music was playing as I walked around the wonderful fanciful sets.The cow costume!

“Variation on the Theme of the Magic Flute, “1965. Tempera, gouache, graphite, colored ink, fabric, painted fabric and gold paper collage on paper. A fanciful painting filled with imagination. I loved it.

The Ballet The Firebird.

I am crazy about the image of The Firebird on the set. The firebird is part woman and part bird- against a sapphire blue sky. The painting below is for the stage set.

Marc Chagall (1887-1985). One painting I loved is this bright yellow “The Dance”. I felt inspired, excited and joyous upon seeing the exhibit. What more could you ask?I’m happy that I’m able to blog again with my new IPad. It’s been so frustrating having ideas and pictures but always issues with the computer, phone and camera. I would like to mention the other exhibit I saw that inspired me. I think that will be my next blog. David Hockney at the Met, The missing pieces of November and December.